Churros v Porras

When in Rome do as the Romans do? Well this wasn’t Rome, it was Madrid and I’m not even sure if Madrilenian’s eat that many Churros, but that is never going to stop us!

Sometimes when you go to a big city it feels like every corner you turn there is one shop or another offering the ‘local delicacy ‘. This is ever so true in Madrid. Here we saw so many side streets with small shops offering Churros, and corner cafe’s that looked like chains selling mass produced versions of the donuts. But there was one place we were heading, and we didn’t want to ruin a lasting memory with a bad first bite. Early(ish) Sunday morning we walked across town to Chocolateria San Gines and boy was it good.

Firstly, the actual shop is beautiful. It’s old school. Marble work tops, mirrors on the walls creating light where otherwise it might be dingy and beautiful deep green wood.

Secondly, the queuing system is a little different to what you might know. You stand in line to place your order and pay, you are asked if you want Churros or Porras (on to that later) and get given a ticket. Now for the interesting part… Find yourself a seat. No seat, no Churros. Once you’ve found yourself a good spot, we recommend outside so you can people watch (or be watched), a waiter comes and takes your order and FINALLY they arrive.

Churros v Porras

We couldn’t decide so we went for both!


Porras are like Churros’ big brother. A fatter bigger brother. Which essentially they are, they’re very similar anyway,  but as there is more dough in the middle they are fluffier and overall less crisp. I think I prefer them, but I’ll let you make your own mind up. Dunked in the hot chocolate what better breakfast is there?