Ich bin ein Berliner

Mmmmmmm donut. Who doesn’t love a jammy donut?

Back to Berlin though and what an incredible city it is. If you’ve ever visited, you’ll know that its in equal measures efficient, bewildering, self concious and hipster. Pretty much like any modern city really. I had a whirlwind three days staying in the Financial district, walking to Mauer park, catching the S-Bahn to south of the river. Walking along the Berlin wall museum and then finding a gay bar to watch Euro-vision in. What a weekend!

We ate in the kitsch’est Restaurant, Schwarzwaldstuben, which has a crazy Hansel and Gretel theme going on (so much so that I now google Hansel & Gretel when I’m trying to look it up). This place has the kind of cocktails that leave you wondering where it all went wrong the night before and is also the place that got me hooked on Tête-de-Moine. As a main course I had Game sausages with mashed potatoes and rosemary, cowberry (which is a lingonberry if that helps?) mustard and tomato rocket salad. It gets very busy in here on a Saturday night so there is a great atmosphere and the waiters are really pleasant.

Deciding that it can’t be all about the West, we headed over to East Berlin (catch the S-Bahn to Berlin Warschauer Straße) had a quick beer in Blech Bilder Bar and then walked round to an old canteen style restaurant Spätzle & Knödel for meat and dumplings on Wühlischstraße. This is a no frills kind of place, but just perfect for lining your stomach before you wander over to the Urban Spree to check out some art installations.

What trip to Germany would be complete without at least one Wurst!? We hit Konnopke’s Imbiss, which is underneath the U-Bahn near Mauer Park. It is worth checking that they are open before you head in that direction though.

We had Sunday lunch at Oderquelle on Oderberger Straße which has a daily changing menu, but if you can get there for white asparagus season you are in for a treat!

Finally after walking around sight seeing we treated ourselves to a chocolate cake at the fabulous Fassbender & Rausch – this place will blow your mind! On the ground level is the chocolate shop where they have the most amazing chocolate sculptures including an erupting chocolate volcano. Upstairs is the coffee and cake shop… where it will take you an age to decide which of their delicious desserts to choose from!