Crazy a-Bao-t buns – gua bao

Sorry – that is a lame lame pun.

The first kind of steamed buns that I ate, were cha siu bao. My old flatmate was half Chinese and we used to have magnificent Chinese feasts. I was then introduced to hirata buns at Shoryu and this is where the love affair really started. Since then Bao has popped up and most ramen restaurants sell them along with Korean steamed buns we really are spoilt for choice in London.

A few notable places to get your fix are:


Bao – Classic without nuts


Le Bao Truck

On The Bab

On The Bab

Bone Daddies/Flesh & Buns

I’ve come to the conclusion while pork is my favourite, I prefer cut pieces of meat rather than shredded, I feel like they hold their flavour more. Which is why the front runners for me are Yum Bun and Shoryu.

Yum Bun at Street Feast

Yum Bun at Street Feast



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