Merchants Tavern

I had fantastic dining experience at Merchants Tavern. We started off with a couple of deep fried Oysters which were light with just the right amount of bite and the smoked cod’s roe which was slathered on a piece of toasted sourdough. Salty and delicious.

For our starters we had crab tortello and the quail with foie gras (without hazelnut pesto for this allergy). Both delicious, but as I’ve so often found out that the thing I’m asking to have without often is essential to the balance of the dish. The quail was perfectly cooked, but with the foie gras a little rich. Just as well I was having a light main course…

Pork belly with charred onion, cabbage and trotter – this is hands down one of the best main courses I’ve eaten this year.

Thanks to @misslialee for lending this photo

Thanks to @misslialee for the photo

The other dish on our table was roast chicken, Jerusalem artichoke and sweetcorn. I jokingly decided this reminded me of a chicken and mushroom pot noodle.

ALL THE Cheese

Delicious wine

A surprise Madeline sent by the chef