The Grilled Cheeserie 

I want to live in this food truck. I want to follow it around. Be a truck groupie.
We happened to be in Nashville, home of country music when they were putting on free summer concerts/gigs called live on the green. They also invite all of the local food trucks to come along & cater,  only sad that Mas Tacos weren’t also there as I didn’t get a chance to go to their shop in East Nashville (for the record I would have eaten at both – no doubt).
The sour-dough bread, the delicious choice of cheese & additional extras you can add in all mean that in the world of that burger place – you can have it your way. It’s such a simple idea. And who doesn’t love a grilled cheese & beer combo?
We also got to see Local Natives who were brilliant. The actual local natives loved them too! blogger-image--236562644

Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant

After a nice sleep and a little explore of Nashville it was time for lunch. Wandering around Downtown we found Puckett’s at just before 12:30. Walking in the place was heaving. I would say, mainly locals on their lunch hour… Always a good sign.

We ordered a salad, with cheese & strawberries and a BLT – bacon, lettuce & tomato right? Wrong. Bacon, lettuce & deep fried green tomatoes. I bloody love America. Oh. And a side of ranch, just in case your calorie  count wasn’t high enough!
blogger-image-941834346 (1)
The Southern
I had been craving pancakes since we landed in Nashville and was on a mission to get them when we decided to go to The Southern. It had some great on-line reviews & we just about made it through the door for midweek brunch.
Once I saw the menu my pre-selection went out the window and I found myself uttering the words “waffles with fried chicken & maple syrup”. WHAT? What on earth possessed me I have no idea. I would never usually order fried chicken for breakfast/brunch – it was 11am. I am so glad I did though. Big fat waffles. Perfectly crispy chicken. MAPLE SYRUP!
We had very tender, brilliantly flavoured pork ribs with great spicy BBQ beans. What was fab about Rippeys, like every bar on The Broadway was the live music. We sat for about 3 hours, ate, drank, sang along to the few country songs we knew.