Street Feast

London in the sunshine is a glorious thing. Smiles replace commuter scowls (unless there happens to be a tube strike) and the mad dash home turns into a few evening drinks and possibly an alfresco dinner if you can find a spot. This is where the Summer outdoor/rooftop scene really comes into its own. We’ve long been fans of Franks in Peckham for weekend beers with its fabulous views of the city but it is a bit of a mission for an east-end dweller, which is why Street Feast is heaven. Not only is the venue outside so you can soak up the glorious rays, but it’s in Dalston and they have a HEAP of street vendors there. If you go with a group of friends I can guarantee everyone will leave happy and very full.

Food Trekker has an unhealthy obsession with Bleecker Burger since our first ever Bleecker Black so we headed straight there for our fix. This time going for a bacon double cheese. Double trouble x2. 


And how could we be in the vicinity of Yum Bun and not get at least one steamed bun…?  

Finally a pizza to share from Born and Raised, we did share, honestly!