Food Trekker only made a flying visit to Rome this summer but our number one recommendation is Armando al Pantheon. It will come as no surprise that this gorgeous little restaurant is a stones throw from the Pantheon (what gave it away?). It’s not a cheap meal, around €125 for two with wine, but you are guaranteed delicious pasta.

11659462_10153191466577562_4072351974233307258_n[1]Lardo and quail’s egg with truffle on toast. 11426968_10153191467737562_2671952791382937700_n[1]

Spaghetti alla Griscia (bacon,cheese and black pepper, a meaty Cacio e Pepe)11659535_10153191467317562_806669793972695105_n[1]

Spaghetti all’aglio, olio e peperoncino – this was the most surprising dish of the evening. You wouldn’t guess from looking at the picture but this is the spiciest dish we have come across in Italy.11695408_10153191468382562_64518555274683617_n[1]
Chicken in white wine and hot pepper
Veal with ham and sage cooked with white wine


And lastly, Chocolate Mousse

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