Taiwanese restaurants are really starting to take off in London at the moment. Take Bao for example. Starting as so many restaurants do these days as a pop up in a food market (Netil Market in Bao’s case) it has now matured into a fully fledged no-booking bun shop in the middle of Soho. And if you don’t mind standing on the street queueing for up to an hour at peak times your taste buds are in for a treat. We’ve been twice now, and thankfully the second time they had the white soy marinated beef rump along with all the other regulars on the menu (it was sold out the first time). The scallop is our¬†favourite non bun item, the juice that accompanies it in its shell is stand out. Another must is the spicy chicken.

Onto the Bao buns them-self though. I’d go for the classic (braised pork), the spicy chicken, the lamb and the pork belly. Basically all of them. You just have to, although it will either take you a couple of trips, or make sure you don’t load up too heavily on the other dishes.

image2 image1 image2 image3 image4 image1 image2BAOTASTIC!

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