More often than not, anywhere you eat in Italy is fantastic. How can it not be with such fantastic ingredient. So where better to start that at the city food market Mercato Centale Firenze. Wander around the ground floor and get your taste buds going from the amazing smell of fresh produce then pop upstairs to the restaurant section. There are counters all around where you can grab a plate of ham, cheese and pasta. Whatever takes your fancy (there is also a handy bar in the middle).


Trattoria Sostanza Troia – Steak Florentine heaven. A reservation is strongly recommended, although you might find a seat at the 9:15 service. Canteen style seating, so expect to make some friends, at least for duration of your supper!


Vini E Vecchi – an absolute favourite for us here at Food Trekker. You HAVE to make a reservation though. This post-it is frequently on the menu outside:


Everything on the menu is spectacular, but if you must choose, the duck ragu and raspberry tiramasu will never disappoint!

Gusta Pizza – this place is so good and so cheap. Two pizzas, two soft drinks and two waters will set you back €18. There will be a queue of hungry students whenever you visit but the service is swift so you shouldn’t have to wait too long.


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