Sushi Samba

Sushi Samba, Duck and Waffle and Oblix are part of the new breed of Restaurants located in the skyscraper buildings that have been popping up in London over the few couple of years. I’ve mainly stayed away until now due to a few things – hype, cost and waiting lists.

However, there are always ways to find a table if you really want to go. Having resisted for this long, when I was asked if I wanted to go I actually jumped at the chance – they cynic in me is actually quite weak!

Lunchtime is a great time to go to Sushi Samba as they views you wouldn’t normally get in the (winter) evening are spectacular. I’m holding out for a sunset at the Shard.

Once the lift zips you to the top (in super fast time) you walk through the bar to the main restaurant. The décor is ok, not overbearingly blingy which is refreshing.

But the food?

Edemame beans with salt was first to arrive at our table followed by fish tacos. I love fish, I love tacos, and I really love fish tacos. But they are messy even if they are quite small, which can get embarrassing, especially if you’re on date. Swift to arrive after this was blackened cod which I will dream about forever. You think you’ve had cod? Not until you’ve had Sushi Samba’s cod! It was sweet, sticky, fresh and salty and I would have begged our lovely waiter for more had it not been for the arrival of the tempura prawns and raw salad. We were then delivered, asparagus and kobe beef x2. YUM. Feeling thoroughly stuffed I began to wonder what was for dessert, but I was stopped in my tracks as a huge bowl of sashimi and plates of sushi arrived. No more Itsu for me after that. Wow, the flavours that they managed to pack into each little mouthful was incredible. And as you can see from the photo, they also pleased the visuals!


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