Katz Deli

Katz’s is world famous. Everyone who visits New York seems to find themselves there. If not for the epic pastrami sandwiches then to sit at the table ‘where Harry met Sally’. And yes! Yes! YES! It’s that place. So I couldn’t visit The Big Apple and not stop by.

My friend Cat and I arrived quite early having been warned about queues. 11:45 to be precise. No queue. So we waltzed straight to the counter, told our server we’d come from London just to sample their sandwiches (after he’d asked about our accent) and placed our order. I briefly contemplated ordering something ‘interesting’ but decided that I’d kick myself if I didn’t go for the classic. So pastrami on rye with mustard and pickles it was.
This was one hell of a sandwich. As wide as it was thick:
 With huge chunks of pastrami and those sweet pickles that balance the salty meat out perfectly.
I gave it a really good go, and while I finished the sandwich it was a good job our afternoon involved walking the High Line & quite a lot of our brunch off!
I’d love to go back & try ordering something different but I know I’d probably be lured back to the pastrami!

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