557198_10151746826457562_1034228778_nAnother *must do* in New York was brunch. We’d spent a lot of time researching where we might go and spend our Sunday mid morning, with the requirement being a great Bloody Mary and an even better eggs Benedict. Unfortunately when we arrived at chosen restaurant we were faced with another queue. This time, tired, hot, hungry and in desperate need of a coffee we weren’t prepared to wait so looking around us we spotted a place called Jeffrey’s on the other side of the road. It looked pretty packed out but without the queue round the block so we made a quick dash across the street and asked about their wait time. They seated us immediately as someone was leaving – perfect!

As soon as we sat down we ordered coffee and were instantly 100% happier!

Oh and Bloody Mary’s. Which despite just asking for the classic rather than their special, we also got a beer chaser. Probably not necessary.


I ordered the house cured gravlox… Which came with diced pineapple – a new one for me.


While I think Cat ordered eggs Benny. Although it was sausage rather than ham, it was still delicious. A great unexpected find and somewhere I would definitely go back to. The staff were lovely and the restaurant was gorgeous.

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