El Centro

I knew I wanted to find a Mexican restaurant in New York and had been told by a work colleague to try Hells Kitchen. But on our first day we’d found a great little place in the East Village where we’d stopped and had ‘one or two’ margaritas, so I knew they weren’t restricted to just one area. After some research I found a place called El Centro (which actually was in Hells Kitchen after all that) which had great reviews, not fussy and reasonably priced so we made our way over after an afternoon dodging the showers by hiding in the MET, laughing at Henry VIII’s oversized armour.

We were seated straight away and ordered two large frozen margs, chips and dip. Cat and I both love guacamole so this didn’t last long. Neither did our drinks in all honesty. So our main courses came, along with another round of margaritas.
We both ordered enchiladas, and my god they were good. This is probably the most tender strips of beef that I have ever had in a Mexican restaurant, just delicious! With a tangy tomato sauce that made me keep reaching for my drink.
So it’s no wonder when we finally left we were a little bit on the wrong side of sober.
Did I mention en route we’d stopped off at Hooters for a couple of beers, on the way home we stopped off for a couple more margaritas, a Pinkberry frozen yoghurt, a pint in the Irish bar across from our apartment and a tattoo parlour

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