Brunching in London

The Ivy Market Grill

The period between Christmas and New Year always get me. Everyone is either experiencing family bliss or jetting off to tropical beach or ski resort (which I decide is a perfect idea way too late). So due to bad planning and too much time cooped up indoors in dying for adventure… Or at least boozing with my friends! So this year anticipating the festive lull I decided to plan ahead and make sure I had firm plans with the girls for a tipsy brunch. Being perfectly central and newly opened The Ivy Market Grill was a perfect choice.

One of the girls had just returned from a two year stint in Oz so it was a perfect opportunity to have a few bottles of fizz, although not before a classic Bloody Mary (what brunch is complete without one?).

We started off with three portions of the zucchini fritti for the table (well there were eight of us) and they were irresistible – I am guilty of eating the last one in our bowl and then moved on to a selection of mains.

Steak Sandwich

The standout dish was Market Grill Shepherds Pie, unfortunately it wasn’t mine.


It was a nice brunch. It would have been even better if it had been the weekend & the full brunch menu was available.

dessert ivy

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