Old Spitalfields Market, London

Old Spitalfields Market near Liverpool Street, has really come a long way in the last few years. I first went to eat there many years ago at the Giraffe, it wasn’t the most gourmet meal I’ve ever had. Since then I’ve been back to go to the newest Wright Bros offering for their sublime oysters, Hawksmoor for a night of meat, meat and more meat and Boho Mexica for, well Tequila if I’m honest (with some tacos I barely remember – I think they were good). There are also the lunchtime office staples such as Carluccio’s, Itsu and Leon. At the other end of the scale is La Chapelle, St John, Upstairs at the Ten Bells and more disappointingly Smiths.

I am truly very excited about new offering Blixen though which is due to open early 2015. A joint venture from my old boss Clive Watson (Riding House, Garrison & Village East), Penny Watson and Justin Gilbert. I’m currently on tenterhooks waiting for more info, but rest assured, as soon as they open those front doors to the paying public, I’ll be first in!




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