Brunching in London

The Foxlow Chipotle Bloody Mary

The Foxlow Chipotle Bloody Mary

New York is famous for its brunches (amongst other things). Weekends spend with friends eating anything from traditional breakfast fare, to fried goodies, healthy alternatives or Mexican staples all washed down with a Bloody Mary (or whatever the particular establishment’s twist on it is – Bloody Maria/Mae/Mario etc.). Food Trekker is very happy to note that in our home town of London, the Brunch scene is really starting to take off. This is a great thing for London restaurants, where City joints bursting at the seams mid-week come weekends would be operating at a massive loss, are now seeing customers keen to get through the doors, lured in by weekend offers and easier to obtain tables.

We recently dined at Foxlow, one of Hawksmoor’s restaurants near Clarkenwell while they were offering 50% off food testing out their new brunch menu, so we might have slightly over ordered. But it was a great way of getting to taste more on the menu – there were four of us, we ordered about 6/7 items including fried chicken, egg and croissant waffle (the best chicken & waffle this Food Trekker has had outside the deep South!), steak and eggs, avocado on toast and a Montecristo cronut (so wrong, so right). At least two Bloody Mary’s each and an additional cocktail. We were slightly inebriated when we left and decided to continue the party at The Zetter Townhouse. After all this food and drink it only came in at around £35 a head which we all considered very reasonable. For those of us without children yet, surely this is the best way to spend a Saturday in London?


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